Cretan Dance Instruction

Our Association is working towards a performance troupe, which will travel and share the beauty of Cretan Dance. 

Under the skillful instruction of Nikolaos Markakis (BFA, MFA), we explore the traditional dances of the various regions of Crete. 

Participants learn about the history and traditions of Cretan dance, and showcase their learnings at various performances.  Lessons are hold twice a month, and all ages are welcome!  Contact our Association today to register:

Cretan Musical Instruction

Our Association is proud to share the rich and vibrant Cretan Musical Tradition by offering Instruction in Traditional Cretan Music.

Our Instructor, Giorgos Vrontinakis (direct from Greece) guides our students on their musical journey.  These lessons are offered virtually, via direct webcast,  in a group setting. 

Group lessons are offered twice a month , and individual lessons can be arranged. Contact our Association today to register:


Cretan Cuisine Workshops

Our Association offers a tasty and educational learning experience that is immersive and fun for all of our participants! 

Various Instructors from parts of our community share their talent, tips, and best practices to guide our participants on their culinary journey.  All are welcome!!!

Our participants sample traditional Cretan and Greek cuisine in a fun environment.  Participants can register online at www.hamiltoncretans.ca/e-shop .

Cretan Educational Series

Sharing the history, traditions, and culture of Crete is one of our Association's primary goals.

We offer lectures and workshops on a variety of subjects, exploring the people, places, and events which shaped Cretan culture.

Through, lectures, workshops, and other engaging media, our Association  continues to share the profound impact  and influence the island of Crete and its children have had on history and society.

Contact us at hamiltoncretans@gmail.com for information about all of our events; alternative visit out website for news and updates at: www.hamiltoncretans.ca/calendar-of-events  

Cretan Social Events

Our Association hosts social events throughout the year, both collaboratively with other organizations and on our own.

Commemorations of significant events in Cretan history, social nights, dinner dances, road trips, movie nights, and events for children and more are all part of our Associations efforts to share our Cretan Heritage with the wider community.

These events are shared and can be found on our Facebook and instagram pages, contacting us at hamiltoncretans@gmail.com, or by visiting our website at: